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What Our Customers Are Saying


“This place is amazing. I work in the same shopping center and love going here on my lunch break. The food is amazing and the portions are huge! I've tried every sandwich on the menu and all of it is tasty. I love the music they play and the staff is very friendly.”

—Tom Scott


“We are SO glad to have this place in Lago Vista! Great atmosphere if you want to eat in, but is still super easy to pack up for the lake or any kind of event. Subs are great and I love the gluten free bread! The staff is always friendly, they work together well, get your sub made quick and make it exactly how you want it!.”

— Evelyn Hill


“Place smacks! They are not shiesty with the subs. I have yet to to be able to eat a full sandwich in one sitting.”

— Jon Wintz


“Absolutely the best food in Lago Vista, super friendly staff, very clean environment and extremely fast. Definitely going to have to try everything on the menu once.”

— Dean C

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